KRUKKRAPMY INTERNATIONAL SDN . BHD. are thecompany that produce food related which ownershipequity fully owned by local “bumiputera”.

This business were registered 13 Nov 2019 follows BusinessRegistration Act 1956 (Amendment 1978). In early Establishment.

The company only runs as a small scale business. After 7 month of operation, the owner decide to upgrade company from ENTERPRISE to SDN . BHD. This business has the identity and aim to produce all the product clean,safe, perfect also perfect while all of it follow regulation ofStandard Operation Procedure which has been set by Ministry Of Health (MOH).

The objective of this company established are to keep all the produced product can help people out there together create side income & profit. The owner committed to create and produce more millionaire under the company especially for local “bumiputera”.  

Our Products


SALTED EGG REMPEYEK is a tradisional snack made by deep frying the rempeyek to perfection and mixing all coating ingredients. It is commonly found in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei by the name of Peyek. The main ingredients are flour, egg, nuts, herbs, sugar & salted egg

Golden Salted Egg Peyek is a Rempeyek Chips Coated With Salted Egg. Rempeyek which is a ready-made snack. It comes with two flavors namely Original Salted Egg and Korean Spicy. Original Golden Salted Egg peyek are arranged in a special plastic so that it is easy to eat at any time or as a gift.

KAPITELLA is a tradisional wafer snack made by clasping egg batter using an iron mold which is heated up on a charcoal stove. It is commonly found in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei by the name of Kuih Kapit, Kuih Belanda or Asian Egg Rolls. The main ingredients are rice flour, granulated sugar, coconut milk and eggs.



Our Achievements